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Sugar Campaign for Change Foundation

SUCAM was established in 2001, registering as a Trust in 2007. It brings together sugarcane farmers, NGOs and professionals in the sugar sub-sector. Its purpose is to promote the development of a viable and efficient sugar industry that enables farmers to enjoy a life that is just, healthy and free of poverty.

SUCAM aims to

  • Ensure that farmers have a greater say in the management and development of the industry
  • Promote participatory management in the sugar sub-sector
  • Strive for greater accountability and transparency in the management of the sugar industry
  • Enhance efficiency and cost-effective production, processing and marketing of sugar

SUCAM's achievements

Sugar Bill 2001

SUCAM organized MPs and formed the Sugar Parliamentary Committee who supported the SUCAM position; 11 proposals were adopted when the bill became the Sugar Act 2001

COMESA Safeguard Reprieve

In 2002, the Government of Kenya negotiation team in Lusaka used SUCAM's research to support their request for safeguard measures. SUCAM has subsequently been consulted by the COMESA secretariat when they undertake industry assessments

Promotion of ethanol

In 2006, SUCAM's proposals for renewable energy resulted in the provision of Blending Mandate of E10 in the Energy Act 2006 and allowed for the sale of cogenerated power to the national grid

Privatisation of state owned sugar enterprises

SUCAM has advocated privatisation since 2004. This contributed to the Cabinet approval for privatisation in 2008

SUCAM's current work

SUCAM is currently engaging the newly established Sugar Industry Task Force to articulate issues facing the industry and propose lasting solution(s) to ensure the sustainable growth of the sector

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